Hear our Voices!

‘Maryland! My Maryland arts education…’ is a statewide campaign to increase Maryland alums active support of arts education and highlight the benefit of arts learning on the varied career and life pathways of Maryland citizens.

The campaign is designed to be customizable at a local level to put a spotlight on the strengths and needs of your community. Input from local leadership will make the campaign stronger statewide and more effective locally. 

Hear our Voices!

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Susan Thomas, ASMAP Board Member

Curriculum Specialist
Elementary Visual and Performing Arts
Frederick County Public Schools

“Go out on a limb...that’s where the fruit is.” – Jimmy Carter

But it’s so much safer to hold fast to the trunk, isn’t it? We can get a good grip, we don’t feel the sway of the branch under our weight, and there’s no breeze to rattle our leaves. Perhaps so, but when a tree stops bearing fruit and becomes a husk of its former beauty, what happens? It either falls down, fall apart or even is cut down. That wasn’t going to happen to me. Not a chance. Read more >>>

Jennifer Kauffman, AMSAP Board Member

As the product of Maryland middle, high school, junior college, and university school music programs, I participated in a variety of music classes which helped me to grow not only as a musician but also as an active member of the community. Read more >>>


Amanda Fishel, ASMAP Board Member

Elementary Music Teacher
Master Teacher
 Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) 

As a first grade student at a Title I school in Maryland, Brian (name changed for privacy) had already experienced a lot of things that most of us hope to avoid in life.  He was young, he was confused, and he was angry.  He often expressed that anger in inappropriate and dangerous ways, and he had a tough time making friends because of it.  However, Brian loved to drum.  Read more >>>